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Your Online Dating Plan Of Attack

by Keen Opas

Before you dive head first into the scary waters of online dating you first need a plan. Are you going to take the preferred route and reveal all about yourself or create a secret online avatar to test the waters.

If you are unsure about this whole online dating scene and feel that you want to dip your feet in before getting wet the second option of faking it out for awhile would be the best option.

You see signing up for an online dating site requires you to divulge a significant amount of information about yourself to the world or at least to the dating site in question.

If you are prepared to be honest (recommended) with people and get the most out of the experience then paying for an online dating service and really fleshing out your profile with hobby information and likes and dislikes speaks volumes to other members.

Or you could always just use a pen name for awhile and use the option of hiding your birthdate if thats something you feel slightly embarrassed about.

All I’m saying is that you DO have these options

Hey its the internet and you can be just about anyone you want so dont feel pressured into filling every form out down to your social security number!!!

You are the one in control of your dating profile as well as who you accept as a friend.

Dont feel bad rejecting friend requests or not replying to emails in your inbox.

Your online dating plan of attack is very important because it often defines the success you get on the inside of the dating site itself.

Set up this dating plan before you sign up so that you are all ready before you begin.

Ask yourself these questions when coming up with your online dating plan of attack:

1. Online Dating Attraction

Who is it that you want to attract?

2. Online Dating Information

How much information are you willing to divulge with the understanding that the more others know about you the higher and more accurate the response.

3. Online Dating Experience

What exactly do you want out of this online dating experience?

By knowing who you are looking for, how you profile will look and what you want the end result to be you know are in a position to move forward.


Novel but vital questions before entering this online dating space

What email are you going to use
Are you going to use your real name
What does the ideal person you are after look like
What do they do or wear?
How are you going to ask other members to chat
Do you want a serious relationship or just a fling?
How are you going to ensure your safety when meeting Russian singles offline?